It's been a transformative two years for Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace who came out as a transgender woman back in 2012. The lead singer of the popular punk band has been the focus of many think pieces, both supportive and, unfortunately, otherwise.

At the center of all of these changes is just a person, however, with a ton of conflicting thoughts and emotions pressed upon her by societal and gender norms. AOL Originals documented Grace's continuing transition with their 'True Trans With Laura Jane Grace' docu-series, which rolled out its final three episodes today (Nov. 25).

In the eighth episode of the series, Grace explores the effects that transitioning can have on one's relationships -- be they with a spouse, friends or while navigating the dating world. Episodes nine and ten feature the rock star parenting her young daughter, sharing her fear of another man eventually taking her "dad" place, and the hope for all people, regardless of gender, to be accepted, live without fear and be treated like everyone else.

You can check out the final three episodes below, or here via AOL.

'True Trans With Laura Jane Grace' -- Episode Eight



Episode Nine



Episode Ten


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