It's been entirely too long since Phoenix put out a new record. Thankfully, Vancouver duo Fine Times brings us exactly what you might want in a new indie electronic power-pop banger with their new single 'Strays.' Grab it for free here.

'Strays' is the second single from Fine Times' self-titled debut, which came out this month. It was produced by Howard Redekopp, who's worked with the New Pornographers, and it shows -- it's got an irresistible sound that will ring familiar.

Fine Times' Matthew Moldowan tells, "We generally craft our aesthetic with jangling guitars, layers of synthesizers and pads of noise. 'Strays' is no exception, but we couldn't have pulled this particular one off without the help of our friend Steve Bays from Hot Hot Heat, who mixed the track. He built up the song even further by adding more keyboards and an array of various samples. We usually want things to sound 'big,' and he definitely helped us to achieve the grand wall-of-sound we were aiming for."

Grab a massive wall of pop goodness below.

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