First Aid Kit are known for their beautiful melodies and folk harmonies, but when they dropped by BBC's 'Graham Norton Show,' the duo revealed that their parents actually didn't share the same love for the genre.

"Well we kind of became obsessed with that kind of music when I was about 12," Klara Söderberg revealed.

Johanna Söderberg chimed in, "But a lot of people think it comes from our parents. But they didn't. They're more punk rockers."

Regardless of their different musical tastes, we're sure their family is proud of the sisters as their latest record, 'Stay Gold,' has been a hit all over the world -- and it couldn't get enough praises from Graham himself.

"I love this band," the TV host said during his introduction of the band. "I've been playing them loads on [BBC] Radio 2, and they've been nominated this year for 'Best International Group' at the Brits. Mmm. Smell them."

And as Graham went on about how great 'Stay Gold' is, actor Rob Delaney enthusiastically said that he's a big fan and his wife would be jealous that he met the Swedish sisters. "I listen to it everyday," the 'Catastrophe' actor admitted to First Aid Kit's surprise. "Oh yeah, my wife is going to freak out that I touched you -- in a good way, in a good way. She wants me to touch you."

Inappropriate jokes aside, the duo also performed 'Master Pretender' on the show.

Check out the performance and interview in the video above.