Singer Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine has revealed plans to take an entire year off from music before she returns to begin work on a follow-up to the band's 2011 release, 'Ceremonials.' That disc is considered among the front-runners for the 2012 Mercury Prize.

"There's a big 'take a year off' plan," Welch tells Style magazine. "The record company have put no pressure on me for the next album. They've said I can have as long as I want." It took Florence + the Machine two years to release 'Ceremonials,' which was their second album. The group's debut album, 'Lungs,' arrived in 2009.

Welch has recently been dealing with some vocal issues. They were forced to cancel several European shows this summer when the singer complained of throat problems. “I was singing … and I actually felt it. I lost about three octaves. I had to sing really low just to get through the show,” she told Robin Roberts of ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ adding, “I desperately wanted to do the [other] shows … but I could’ve caused permanent damage.”

Florence + the Machine just wrapped up an appearance on the Main Stage at Reading and Leeds Festivals over the weekend in England, and have dates scheduled through an Oct. 12 gig in Austin, Texas, as part of the Austin City Limits festival. Check out their itinerary here.