Florence + the Machine singer Florence Welch has moved on to dating an events organizer named James Nesbitt after breaking up with her last longterm boyfriend, but her biggest crush these days isn't either man -- and, in fact, isn't a guy at all.

It's none other than the Sri Lankan alternative hip-hopper M.I.A., who became world famous after her middle finger-flicking incident while performing with Madonna during this year's Super Bowl. "I have a massive girl crush on M.I.A. -- her video for 'Bad Girls' is the best music video I've ever seen,' Welch tells the Radio Times, referring to M.I.A.'s new clip for the first single off her next album, due some time this summer.

Maybe one reason Welch is crushing on M.I.A. is because in the the rapper she sees someone who could understand the difficulty of touring commitments and life on the road -- which really seem to be taking their toll on Welch these days.

"You miss actual intimacy and home and connection," says M.I.A. of her busy touring schedule. "My house is like a graveyard of suitcases. I'm sick of it. They haunt me."