Foo Fighters seem to have really loved the process of working on Sonic Highways, which took the band across the U.S. to work with famed musical collaborators in historically rich areas – so much so that they're thinking of doing a follow-up, possibly in the U.K. But drummer Taylor Hawkins took it one step further in an interview with NME and said all Foo Fighters' future albums will revolve around some sort of concept.

Hawkins said:

It’s not enough to just make a f---ing record any more. It used to be a simple process of writing a batch of songs, recording them and putting them out. You’d make an album, make three videos. If they were good, MTV would play them, and you’d sell some records. Now, you need to do something else with it.

Dave [Grohl] wants the albums to have some other kind of theme or experience linked to them. He wants every record we make from now on to have some sort of concept around it, whether it’s something as large as 'Sonic Highways' or as simple as, 'Hey, let’s record ‘Wasting Light’ to tape in my garage.'

The band definitely have some time to think about what they want to do next: They were forced to cancel their European tour dates in June after Grohl broke his leg on stage in Sweden on June 12.

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