Foo Fighters will make an “official band announcement” tonight (March 2), and while it could address just about anything, recent breakup rumors are fueling speculation the band is heading toward its conceivable end.

Earlier this week, the New York Post’s Page Six reported there is “tension” among the Foo Fighters, as Dave Grohl prepares to embark on a solo career and not all of his bandmates are supportive of the decision. “The band is billing it as a ‘break,’ but it’s totally Dave going solo, and Taylor [Hawkins, drummer] is pissed about it,” an unidentified source told Page Six.

However, a representative for the band told Entertainment Weekly the rumors are “utterly ridiculous.”

The reports have nevertheless stirred up talk of an imminent breakup, and some believe tonight’s announcement will address those rumors one way or another. However, it wasn’t all that long ago the band preempted an announcement when they launched a mysterious countdown on their website and later released their Saint Cecilia EP for free. So, optimists could argue a new album or Sonic Highways season is forthcoming. It’s worth noting, of course, there is considerably less ceremony surrounding this particular announcement in comparison to the nearly month-long wait for Saint Cecilia's reveal.

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