Mark Foster pulled the Foster the People card Wednesday night (Oct. 25) in Los Angeles after getting booted from a Prince club gig by a bouncer who thought the singer was taking pictures of the Purple One with his cell phone. TMZ captured video footage of Foster talking his way back in to the private concert at the Sayers Club after his ejection.

His arguments were rational and effective and didn't involve him name-dropping his job as the Foster the People  singer -- until already bringing up three other points, that were: He explained that he still had an open tab at the bar, promised that he wasn't taking a picture of Prince and mentioned that he himself is a musician and it wouldn't happen again.

Wait, was that four talking points?

Anyway, it seems from video evidence that the part about being a rock star was the most persuasive (big surprise) and Foster was back on his way inside to catch the rest of Prince's set after handing over his phone for the remainder of his visit. Check out all the action below.

Watch Mark Foster Talk His Way Back Into a Prince Gig