Foster the People's Mark Foster has recently revealed that he gave up smoking weed for good. The surprising inspiration for his recent change in lifestyle is none other than the Dogg Father himself, Snoop Dogg.

In a interview with U.K. magazine Q (quote via Contactmusic), the singer said he quit using marijuana days before meeting the hip-hop icon. "It's funny, the one time I got starstruck was when I met Snoop Dogg. I gave him a hug and said, 'I love you, man,'" Foster shared.

When Foster confessed to Snoop that he was tempted to pick up smoking again, the rapper told him to rethink his decision.

"It was cool 'cause I'd just stopped smoking weed three days before," he explained. "I told Snoop, 'I quit smoking but I'd have one with you now if I had the chance.' He said, 'Y'know what, brother: Sometimes you gotta slow down and focus on your s---.' From the godfather of marijuana smoking! That was good enough for me."

If Snoop telling someone to not smoke weed isn't the epitome of irony, we don't know what is.

Foster the People are currently on the road in North America for the rest of the week and will head to Japan, the U.K. and France next month. Mark Foster recently revealed a few details about the band's next album to Billboard. “I think it’s going to take a lot of left turns … It’s going to be really celebratory … I think there’s going to be more grit, and I think it’s gonna be extremely percussive,” he says about the forthcoming record.

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