A recent spotting of Foster the People's Mark Foster and Taylor Swift on a lunch date sparked rumors of a possible romantic connection between the two musicians. At Bonnaroo this weekend, Foster sat down with Fuse and explained that they actually met up to work on a song together.

"It's a really cool song, you know?" said Foster during their interview. "We kind of just went into it casually, like let's just jam and just have fun, and something really cool came out of it."

It isn't yet known if and when the song will be released, but it's clear that they enjoy working with each other. "It was a lot of fun working with her; she's super talented," remarked Foster. Swift has expressed that she's a fan of Foster the People as well. In fact, she covered their hit song 'Pumped Up Kicks' with Zac Efron on 'Ellen' back in February.

"We'll see what happens with it," said Foster in regard to their songwriting collaboration. In the meantime, Foster the People are still going strong on tour while Swift is hard at work on her next record.

Watch Foster the People Discuss New Song With Taylor Swift