The last (and first?) time we heard Frank Ocean bust a rhyme, the members of Odd Future were hanging out at a Terry Richardson photo shoot and decided to perform an impromptu version of the song 'Oldie' -- and director Lance Bangs happened to be on hand to shoot a video of all the madness. 

And while that seems like too many coincidences to occur at one time (and may very well be), it resulted in an awesome, Bangs-directed 'Oldie' video, which displays Ocean's newly discovered rap skills.

This time around, Ocean is rapping on a new solo track that popped up online on his Tumblr and has been dubbed 'Blue Whale' by Miss Info. (There's no title information with Ocean's original post, but we'll go along with that one.) The tune can basically be interpreted as his response to a lot of the issues that have been bouncing around his universe of late, and it's his first song recorded from the perspective of a successful solo artist.

That's certainly a lot to put into one track, and the result is a wholly satisfying journey into the mind of Ocean at a poignant moment in his career. Check it out below.

Listen to Frank Ocean's 'Blue Whale'