A new outtake has surfaced from Frank Ocean's excellent 'Channel Orange' album, and it's a good one. 'Eyes Like Sky' is an acoustic ballad that fits the tone of many of the other great cuts found on Ocean's debut LP, which came out last year.

The previously unreleased song, which you can hear below, was reportedly cut during the 'Channel Orange' sessions but ultimately left off the record. It's not as good as the 10-minute track about Cleopatra and strippers, but he definitely should have left it on the record.

Ocean's 2013 is shaping up to be kinda great. He started the year by pretty much claiming the top spot in every music-critic year-end poll known to man. He won a GLAAD media award, a couple Grammys and a Brit Award. Somehow he found time to collaborate with Depeche Mode's Martin Gore on a song too.

He even came out the good guy in a much-publicized scuffle with Chris Brown over a parking space (then again, who doesn't come out the good guy when facing off the very despicable Brown?).

Ocean has also completed about a dozen new songs for his next album. Like 'Channel Orange,' the new album will be a concept record. Danger Mouse and Pharrell Williams are likely producing some tracks. Ocean is also considering a brief summer tour to keep the momentum going.

Listen to Frank Ocean's 'Eyes Like Sky'

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