Frank Ocean decided not to press charges against Chris Brown after the two battled over a studio parking spot last month, but the controversy won't go away. The police report has been leaked, TMZ reports, and Ocean apparently told cops that he was called a homophobic slur ("f-----") during the brawl, and that Brown threatened to shoot him. Yikes. All this over a parking space?

Ocean has claimed that Brown punched him in the face after Ocean accused Brown of jacking his parking spot. Brown initially tried to shake Ocean's hand, but Ocean reportedly refused, leading Brown to haul off and cold-cock him. Two members of Browns' entourage then allegedly got involved, attempting to kick Ocean while pushing him into a corner.

Ocean, who last year revealed the details of a same-sex love affair, says he was at one point called a "f-----." He was not clear as to exactly who hurled the slur.

According to Ocean's version of events, the fight lasted about three minutes. He was left with a cut on his right index finger and his left temple. He refused treatment at the scene but eventually went to the hospital. He later posted on his Tumblr that he would not press charges, and that he was moving on from the incident.

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