Frank Ocean has hit the recording studio with Pharrell and Jay-Z, Pharrell revealed in a post that turned up on his Twitter page early this morning (Oct. 8). The post was accompanied by a picture of the three musicians hanging out in an unidentified recording studio, which we're going to go ahead and guess is in New York City.

"Yessur, in the studio with @S_C_ [Jay-Z] and @frank_ocean," the rapper-producer tweeted, adding the above photo. He later added: "Can't wait for y'all to hear what I'm working on with big bro and lil bro."

We can't wait to hear what he's working on with "big bro" and "lil bro" -- who we assume are Hov and Ocean, respectively -- either. Pharrell didn't give the slightest hint as to when or where the music could turn up, so despite the revelation, it's all a bit mysterious.

Ocean's latest tweet, which was posted yesterday, was short and sweet: "back to seeking nirvana." This is something of a coincidence, considering the story that recently broke about Jay-Z saying Nirvana briefly "stopped" the emergence of hip-hop. Perhaps Ocean will find his own nirvana in the studio with Jay-Z and Pharrell. We'll have to wait and see.