Frank Ocean may have had a bang-up year in 2012, thanks to his critically lauded and universally adored 'Channel Orange' album, but his New Year's Eve and first few days of 2013 started off on a sour note. As TMZ reports, the singer was pulled over for speeding and busted for having pot on his person.

Ocean was reportedly pulled over in Mono County, Calif., for exceeding the speed limit by approximately 25 mph. Cops say he was doing about 90 in a 65mph zone. Officers smelled the sweet scent of weed when they approached the singer's black BMW, and when they conducted a search, they found a small bag of marijuana.

Ocean was cited for pot possession, having tinted windows and driving with a suspended license -- a three-fer. He was released on the spot, but his passenger had to take the wheel and drive him to his next destination, since his license was confiscated. That's bound to create some headaches for the star, since you often need a license for ID purposes, not to mention the fact it's no fun relying on others for rides.

Not exactly the best way to spend NYE, but at least he's got the Grammys to look forward to.