The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser is quite the joker beneath his proper attire and fancy-sounding name. While his band was rumored to have gone on an "extreme hiatus" last year, that doesn't really seem to be the case anymore. Turns out Leithauser was simply working on a solo album called 'Black Hours.' He recorded much of the record with some of his musician pals and on vintage instruments "[They] cost me more money then I just made on the tour I stupidly brought them on," he tells us. The Walkmen frontman, who doesn't own a Walkman, took some time to answer a few questions for us.

Did any of your friends say no when you asked them to play on the album?
"Luckily, no. That would've been weird."

What hours exactly are the black hours?

You have a very fancy-sounding name. How are your table manners?
"My name is fancy? What?"

What's your least favorite movie of all time?
"I didn't like 'Mystic River.'"

What's the one album we'd be surprised to find in your collection?
"Sheena Easton, 'What Comes Naturally' on vinyl."

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