As a show of their continuous support for the gay community, fun. have launched a nonprofit organization for LGBT rights. The band has collaborated with guitarist Jack Antonoff's sister Rachel to form Ally Coalition, an organization that will "raise awareness and funds to aid in the flight for LGBT equality."

In a statement on his blog, Antonoff said that the organization plans to raise awareness, create LGBTQ education programs across the United States and emphasize ally support through social media.

"The Ally Coalition is also a place where YOU can make YOUR VOICE heard," Antonoff said, "We've realized that there are so many people out there who want to go on record and make a statement as an ally, but don't necessarily have a place or support system to go out and do it."

According to The Alternative Press, fun. will invovle the coalition in their fall REVERB Campus Consciousness College Tour. Additionally, Rachel Antonoff, who is a designer, will donate a percentage of the proceeds from her collection to the coalition. She and the members of fun. shot PSAs explaining why they're allies, and the videos can be seen below.

For more information about the coalition and how to get involved, check out the Ally Coalition's official website here.

Watch fun. and Rachel Antonoff's 'I Am an Ally' PSAs