Jack Antonoff is currently on tour in support of last year’s Strange Desire -- his debut solo album under the stage moniker Bleachers -- and during a recent stop, he visited WRRV to discuss Bleachers as well as the future of his other gig, Fun. Watch the complete interview in the video above.

Antonoff revealed that he recorded Strange Desire largely while on the road touring with Fun., but he kept the new project secret from the public, saying, “Almost by default, it had to be a secret.”

“I didn’t tell anybody but the people who were very close to me just because I wanted to preserve it,” he said. “I think when you’re coming from another band a lot of people, they get preconceived notions about it if they know what it is. So I just wanted the music to come first and I knew that they only way to put music first was to make the album first.”

Antonoff also spoke about “Like a River Runs,” the next and third single to emerge from Strange Desire.

“It’s an extremely deep song,” he explained. “It sounds very anthemic, but it’s also a very sad song about loss and when you’re in a dream state and you’re not fully remembering what did or didn’t happen.”

When asked about a possible Fun. reunion, the Bleachers singer said, “I’m pretty focused on Bleachers at the moment, but who knows what the future holds.”

It has certainly been the question on the minds of many Fun. fans ever since the breakout success of the band’s 2012 Grammy-winning sophomore effort, Some Nights. So much so, it even warranted the band to make a lengthy Facebook post setting the record straight and explicitly stating they’re not breaking up. In the meantime, Antonoff has been dedicated to his Bleachers work while frontman Nate Ruess announced he’ll release his debut solo album, Grand Romantic, on June 16.

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