fun. served as musical guests on last night's (Nov. 3) episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' bringing 'Some Nights' to Saturday night!

Singer Nate Ruess began the two-song 'SNL' set by singing 'Some Nights' -- the Fleetwood Mac-sounding title track from the band's sophomore album -- a cappella and wearing a rain coat, which may have been an unintentional reminder of Hurricane Sandy, whose rains swept through and devastated NYC.

When the song kicked in, Ruess danced his butt off like no one was watching, even though a national audience of diehard 'SNL' fans were tuned in. He was in a zone, and it showed. It was a quirkier performance than 'SNL' viewers are likely used to, but Ruess' frantic and frenetic energy was bound to win folks over.

For their second tune, fun. performed 'Carry On,' whose lyrics about resilience can also be applied to New York City during this past week. Again, this could all be a coincidence, but fun.'s intense performances certainly provided some lift and a jolt during a difficult week.

Ruess delivered an animated rendition of 'Carry On,' moving back and forth and from side to side and making rubbery faces. He was fully immersed in what he was doing, and it was endearing. The ending of the song was epic, what with the looped, taped vocals and electronics.

For their 'SNL' debut, fun. had just that.

Watch fun. perform 'Some Nights' on 'SNL'

Watch fun. perform 'Carry On' on 'SNL'