It's been one of 2012's hits that just won't quit, but the guys in fun. know they can't count on everyone to keep listening to 'We Are Young' forever, so they've done the right thing and served up a new single and video from their 'Some Nights' album.

The band has opted to go with the album's title track for their latest single, and they hired director Anthony Mandler to put together a visually distinctive clip for the song that sees them heading back into the distant past for some good old fashioned drum-and-fife marching to war.

What are they fighting for? You're never going to figure it out from lyrics like "Some nights, I wish that my lips could build a castle / Some nights, I wish they'd just fall off," but it's clear that something bad is going on here, and whatever the video's protagonist is going to war over, it seems to have put him at odds with his girlfriend's dad. Who hasn't been there, right?

'Some Nights' only officially went for adds yesterday (June 4), but it's already logged a sizable number of radio spins, breaking the Top 15 and Top 30 of Billboard's Alternative Songs and Rock Songs charts, respectively. It still has plenty of marching to do on the Hot 100 before it scales the heights achieved by 'We Are Young,' however; on this week's chart, it's deep in the trenches at No. 64.

Watch the fun. 'Some Nights' Video