After conquering Earth-bound rock and roll, Gerard Way has set his sights on taking over the universe with the new music video for 'No Shows.' The beginning of the video has Way and his band being introduced by a television host for the channel 'Pink Station Zero,' a station set in the fictional cosmic world of 'All Ages.' Evidently, broadcast technology being used by intergalactic TV networks is on par with 1980s-era Earth broadcast technology.

'All Ages' is the name of a comic book the former My Chemical Romance frontman is currently working on. He recently shared some of the artwork for this new project, which seems to be in the early stages of development. Here's a peek:

Gerard Way
Gerard Way

Way told NME that his new album, 'Hesitant Alien,' wouldn't have a high concept, which he said is unusual for him. But he did say that his music and art would always contain characters and that there was no "real me" for him to reveal through his music. He also mentioned that the new album was influenced by his favorite glam artists.

"I definitely thought of the artists I loved, like Nick Cave and Morrissey, Brian Eno -- especially those early, glammy records -- Bowie, Iggy, all those people, PJ Harvey, Bjork. I thought about all of those people. I thought I'd be so lucky to have a quarter of what any of them have, in terms of their ... story, or arc," he said.

Yesterday, Way revealed the new album's cover art and hinted at the possibility of a secret show happening at some point before he plays the Reading and Leeds festivals. We can only hope.