Come Armageddon, when the Beast arises to unleash his wickedness upon a most deserving populous, one of his seven heads will be wearing headphones, and the song blasting on repeat will be Ghost Dance's '10,000,000 B.C.' It's a grimy, scuzzy, skeevy piece of scorched-earth rawk 'n' roll, and Diffuser is honored to premiere the video. Check it out below.

In the clip, the Missouri foursome walks through the desert with guitars and glowing eyes and participates in some sort of satanic ritual. There's lots of skulls and flames and spitting blood in toilets, and the killer concert footage shows how these Midwestern miscreants use the power bestowed by their dark overlord to lay waste to audiences.

'10,000,000 B.C.' appears on the band's self-titled debut, which dropped last fall via Rough Beast Records. Anoint yourself in goat's blood and click here for more info.