Don't let the name fool you -- Girl in a Coma are a lively bunch. The San Antonio, Texas-based trio of Mexican-American sisters Nina (vocals/guitar) and Phanie Diaz (drums), plus longtime friend Jenn Alva (bass), ooze a distinctly raw and sexy punk energy on 'One Eyed Fool,' a punchy little number off their latest full length, 'Exits and All the Rest.'

The instrumentation is spectacularly simple -- think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with White Stripes drummer Meg White holding down the beat instead of Nick Zinner, on a mid-tempo love song -- and the production on the recording is virtually no frills, if not teetering on the edge of lo-fi. This leaves plenty of room for Nina's voice to shine -- and trust us, that is does.

Channeling the powerful pipes of country legend Patsy Cline and mixing it with the edgy rasp of rock goddesses Joan Jett, Nina's voice has a certain presence that's hard to describe but easy to love.

You can't quite pin down exactly what it is about it, but you know it's there -- she makes certain of that. It all adds up to a memorable number that walks the line between inked-up rockabilly and straight-up love song. Whichever way you lean, Nina is looking your way: "And I will make you weep / When I just knock you off your feet," she sings at the end of the tune. Sounds like you best keep both your eyes on her.
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