With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming 'Godzilla' movie reaching that point where you're gonna be sick of it by the time it finally hits theaters, it's probably a good time to remind everyone that the giant lizard monster loves Dr Pepper.

And judging by the 1985 commercial (which you can check out above), apparently the radioactive beast's rampage can easily be stopped by one of the tastiest soda pops on the planet. But we're guessing only a big-ass can of the stuff is gonna quench the thirst of someone as big as Godzilla.

Thankfully, the city being attacked by Godzilla in this crazy 30-second commercial is well prepared for such an assault. Presumably, a wise and prescient city council at some point decided to install a ginormous can of Dr Pepper on top of a water tower, just in case some sort of emergency like this ever showed up.

At the end of his brutal rampage (which we assume cost the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people), Godzilla burps. A playful end to all the carnage!

Also, it's important to note that Godzilla does not like generically named cola or lemonade, not even if there are, like, 18 tons of it just sitting around in railroad tank cars (what is it with this city and mass quantities of soda anyway?). Hope the poor folks being stepped on and crushed to death in the new movie, which opens May 16, got the memo.

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