Bibio's 'Lovers' Carvings' is the ethereal soundtrack to Google's newest inspiring -- and slightly terrifying --viral video, which shows a hypothetical day in the life of technologically-savvy New Yorker in the not-too-distant-future.

The audience is dropped into the first-person of view of an anonymous Google-devotee -- a life eerily similar to our own and quite possibly to this reader's, too, aside from the super spectacles. He wakes up with a stretch, puts on a strange pair of glasses, and in them finds a dazzle of icons: looks like "weather," "chat," "maps" and the other usual suspects suddenly appear before his eyes. It's kind of like the morning's first compulsive iPhone check, but worn on your face. Continuing, the narrator is reminded to see a girl called Jess, eats a sandwhich, makes a bookstore date with a friend, grabs his bag, and heads out.

While on the way to the bookstore, the subway is closed! But Google Glass has got him covered: a quick map providing an alternate walking route to the store appears. Friends meet. Ukelele guide purchased. Walk to rooftop. Sunset video chat with an excited Jessica. Dude -- and the video -- are smooth: he plays Bibio's melody on the freshly purchased uke. Nice.

Oh, Google, never have we been so smitten with our overlords. That said, don't expect to purchase augmented reality glasses for Christmas this year. There is in fact a working prototype, but it could be quite awhile before they are available to the general public. You can, however, purchase the Bibio tune on iTunes.

Overall, the video's kind of like Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch Up'; but instead of being violent and horrifying, it's adorable and nerdy, made even more so by Bibio's folktronic loveliness.

Watch Bibio's  ‘Lover's Carvings' in the Google 'Project Glass' Demo Commercial

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