After dropping their 'Gilded Pleasures' EP in November, California garage rockers the Growlers decided it would be fun to release not one, but two, videos to celebrate the new music.

But don't think these are two randomly made videos. Directed by Taylor Bonin, they're part of a series, and while they don't necessarily have the same storyline, they offer introspective looks at two different characters. In 'Dogheart II' (above), the video focuses on a convenience store employee who meets a girl then falls in love. At the end of the video, his new love is taken away by a mysterious figure.

Meanwhile 'Rat Face' looks at a guy who actually has a rat face -- or at least the nose of the animal -- and how he's bullied. Tired of how he's treated, he resorts drinking (and driving) and then abducting the lovely blonde that was in the other video. But you later find that he just takes her in order to release his sorrows and tears. The video ends with Rat Face, the girl and a clown smoking a joint.

While we're not sure what it all means, the Growlers have put an interesting spin on what videos can do. The band is currently on a California touring stint for the holidays -- click here for a list of dates.

Watch The Growlers' 'Rat Face'