Before Jon Stewart took over 'The Daily Show,' he hosted another show that bore his own name. And Stewart had some of the coolest musical guests on his show. One of them was Guided by Voices. The perpetually tipsy rock unit kicked out a couple of tunes on 'The Jon Stewart Show,' including their near-hit 'Motor Away.'

MTV's 'The Jon Stewart Show' was something of an enigma. It featured some amazing musical guests that you never would have seen anywhere else, including Quicksand, Killing Joke, Bad Religion and the Afghan Whigs. The show was successful enough to get expanded from a half hour to a full hour.

But for some reason, the show just didn't last. It did, however, lead to Stewart taking over 'The Daily Show' when Craig Kilborn left in 1999. Now Stewart provides news to stoned college students across the country.

GBV went on to record more epic rock songs. Frontman Robert Pollard went on to drink more beer and smoke more cigarettes. And Pollard and GBV went on to record a song that ended up on the soundtrack for the best vampire television show ever created, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' GBV performs that song, 'Do the Collapse,' in the video above.

And for good measure, we found this last video of GBV performing another of their fan favorites, 'I Am a Scientist.' Alcohol has always played hand-in-hand with rock 'n' roll, but GBV may be the best group at incorporating it into their sound.

Pollard manages to always sound like he's two beers away from being too drunk to sing. This is quite an impressive trick, considering he's always drinking. You'd think that beer would catch up to him at some point. Maybe it did at the end of the song, when he starts ranting about "a good kid." Whatever, Bob. Just keep the songs rolling in.