Guided by Voices are gone yet again, but not without leaving one last performance for you nostalgic types.

Video has surfaced online of the band's final gig on Sept. 13 at the Main Event Art and Music Festival in Toledo, Ohio. You can watch the 29-song set in its entirety below.

Forming out of Dayton, Ohio, in 1983, Guided by Voices were a seminal presence in the early indie rock scene, releasing 15 albums up until they disbanded in 2004. Six years later, the band reunited its 'classic' lineup from 1993 to 1996 for a Matador Records anniversary celebration and GBV continued touring and released a staggering six full-lengths in four years before again announcing their end last week.

Guided by Voices' Last Performance

Guided by Voices -- Setlist, Sept. 13, 2014
'Cut-Out Witch'
'Planet Score'
'Authoritarian Zoo'
'Expecting Brainchild'
'Until Next Time'
'Echos Myron'
'Psychotic Crush'
'Pan Swimmer'
'Buzzards And Dreadful Crows'
'Wished I Was a Giant'
'Shocker in Gloomtown'
'Fast Crawl'
'Vote for Me Dummy'
'The Challenge Is Much More'
'My Valuable Hunting Knife'
'Hat of Flames'
'Tractor Rape Chain'
'Record Level Love'
'Teenage FBI'
'14 Cheerleader Coldfront'
'Smothered in Hugs'
'Gold Star for Robot Boy'
'The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory'
'No Transmission'
'I Am A Scientist'
'Game of Pricks'
'Motor Away'
'A Salty Salute'