If you happened to be a kid growing up in a small Bible Belt town who was hungry for new music, the above documentary might have been your best bet for learning about the coolest bands. 'Hell's Bells' was a VHS adventure that showed how rock 'n' roll music is just another tool used by the devil to lure young souls to hell. 'Hell's Bells' also, albeit inadvertently, showed just how cool rock music is.

The '80s documentary shows footage of live events and music videos to draw a connection between rock and the devil. There's some particularly entertaining footage featuring Mick Fleetwood dancing maniacally during a Fleetwood Mac concert.

While we're not directly contesting the possibility of a connection between the occult and Fleetwood Mac, we feel the biggest danger there was the possibility of having to listen to 'Landslide.'

We're guessing that the intended audience for this video has never heard of bands like Sonic Youth, Venom and Merciful Fate. So those bands probably owe some thanks to the film's director, Eric Holmberg. The documentary includes footage from Sonic Youth's first video, the Richard Kern-directed 'Death Valley '69.' Check it out below ... if you dare.