Hot Chip's next album, 'In Our Heads,' isn't scheduled to be released until June, but the band is kicking the promotional machine into gear early with the release of the leadoff single and video, 'Flutes.'

Weighing in at a hefty 7:50, 'Flutes' gives listeners a nice peek into what they can expect to hear from 'In Our Heads' while maintaining the band's tradition of using its video clips to torture people susceptible to motion sickness. The video, which seems to take place entirely in the recording studio -- we couldn't be 100 percent certain between bouts of violent nausea -- is split between studio clips and long periods where the camera just spins around interminably, mocking your brain's increasingly desperate cries for equilibrium.

So you know what you need to do, Hot Chip fans -- pop a Dramamine, crank YouTube up to widescreen 1080p, and experience 'Flutes' in all its glory. (Or just listen to the song while the video plays in another tab. Your call.)

Watch the Hot Chip 'Flutes' video