Banking company HSBC is sponsoring the Hong Kong 7s rugby tournament with an action-packed 'Fancy Dress Street Rugby' commercial that borrows a popular rock tune. So what's the song used in the ad?

Listeners of rock radio will recognize the track as the Black Keys' 'Lonely Boy,' the bluesy number that dominated the Alternative and Rock charts in December and January. It serves as the soundtrack for the wordless 90-second commercial, which follows the action as a series of elaborately-dressed rugby teams takes to the streets of Hong Kong.

The footage opens with a group of cowboys tossing a rugby ball back and forth while being pursued by a team of green army men. Soon, other groups enter the battle, including caped superheroes, Afro-wearing disco dudes, and a team of gladiators. The competitors hurdle vehicles and crash through restaurants and fruit stands as they try to possess the ball longer than their foes.

"SERIOUS PLAY" reads the promotional text at the end of the commercial. The Hong Kong 7s take place this weekend at Hong Kong Stadium, where you can bet this song will be played a whole lot over the next few days.

'Lonely Boy' comes from the Akron duo's seventh album, 'El Camino,' which entered at No. 2 on the album chart in late 2011. The Nickelback haters are currently in the middle of an arena tour.

Watch the Black Keys' 'Lonely Boy' in the HSBC HK7s Rugby Commercial

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