Last month, Interpol released a three-minute video to announce their upcoming album, 'El Pintor.' It was basically an extended tease with much musical doodling and very little in the way of a real song.

But the band just released the first single and video from the album, 'All the Rage Back Home,' and after about a 50-second moody warm-up, it kicks in with all the familiar Interpol sounds, including ringing guitars, rich baritone vocals and more than a passing nod to some other bands from way back in the day.

You can watch the video, a black-and-white clip that includes some old surfing footage, above.

It's been four years since the release of 'Interpol,' but the band has been on the road occasionally testing out some new material. The new album -- which was recorded in the group's hometown of New York with some post-production in the U.K., where it toured earlier this year -- comes out on Sept. 9

Here's the three-minute teaser video the band released last month to announce the new album:

And here's a live clip for another 'El Pintor' track, 'Anywhere':

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