Iron and Wine's Sam Beam has been a busy man as of late. With his forthcoming fifth full-length album, 'Ghost On Ghost,' due in April, Beam recently offered up two songs from the disc: 'Lover's Revolution,' followed by 'Grace for Saints and Ramblers.' Now, Beam's serving up 'Hard Times Come Again No More,' a song he recorded for the new BBC America show 'Copper,' which premieres this summer. Take a listen (via Rolling Stone) below.

'Hard Times' may sound familiar to fans of Bob Dylan, who recorded a stripped-down acoustic take for his oft-overlooked early-'90s album 'Good As I Been To You.' But the tune is not Dylan's -- it was penned by Kentuckian singer Stephen Collins, best known for 19th century standards like 'Oh! Susanna' an 'De Camptown Races -- and Beam tries hard to make 'Hard Times' his own. With its soulful vocals, plaintive arrangement and wistful backing choir, he just may have pulled it off.

'Copper' tells the tale of an Irish-American detective working in 1865 in Five Points, the historically rough New York neighborhood that was the center of Martin Scorsese's 'Gangs of New York,' and features a promising cast including Donal Logue ('Sons of Anarchy'), Franka Potente ('American Horror Story') and Ato Essandoh ('Django Unchained'). The show's trailer debuts tomorrow (March 30) during 'Doctor Who' on BBC America and the show itself premieres on June 23.