James Bay has been gaining fans all over the U.S., but little did we know that Ellen Degeneres is also a big follower of the U.K. singer-songwriter's music.

"Six months ago, I heard a song on the radio. And I've been trying to get this guy here ever since," Ellen said before introducing him on a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Bay looked calm and collected as he started the track with a nice electric guitar solo. With the guitar and vocals coming in for a big crescendo, the rest of the band joined in with a big bang. Bay may have been a little delicate in the beginning, however, he began to wail into the mic -- in tune, of course -- and poured out all his emotion and energy into the track.

Bay has been touring around the U.S. and most recently played Rock in Rio in Las Vegas over the weekend. However, he's now back in the U.K. for a little rest and relaxation before heading back on the road to play around Europe, and will be making a quick stop in Norwich, England, to play BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend on Sunday (May 24). See all his tour dates here.

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