James Blake has said his upcoming third album will take his sound "downwards" and now we have a perceptible example of what that might mean.

During his weekly residency on BBC Radio 1, the acclaimed U.K. singer-songwriter and producer premiered the new song, '200 Press,' expected to be on his next full-length. The track is a little more ominous and discordant than what we're used to from Blake, with robotic-style vocals, aggressive percussion and assorted jagged bits of random noise.

When asked about the song's title, Blake jokingly said it's "because only 200 are going to be pressed up." You can stream the entire episode here. Skip to 31:00 to hear the song.

If you can't quite place where you might know Blake from, the video for 'Retrograde' (prominently featured in all those TV spots for HBO's 'The Leftovers') will remind you:

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