James Blake's new sophomore album 'Overblown' establishes the moody electronica artist as someone "whose execution has finally matched his inventive vision," our review of the disc reads, and the title track may be the best example of that progress. "Sure, ['Overblown'] may be a textural wonder," the review continues, "but it’s also a proper song, with a clear build of tension and release."

The 'Overblown' video, out today, matches that "textural wonder" with five minutes of shadowy, dreamlike blur. Blake exits his bedroom, wandering through a forest engulfed in twilight and to the edge of a cliff, where he's stalked by a group of mysterious druid-like men draped in robs and hidden in darkness. There, as he stands at the tip above a swirling sea, the men twirl behind him, then disintegrate into nothingness. It's comes off like a physical manifestation of his music, and it's quite impressive.

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