As Damon Albarn prepares for his reimagined interpretation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ -- the intriguingly titled ‘’ -- it looks like one of his other projects, the alt virtual outfit Gorillaz, might be finding a new life as well.

Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett teased fans with some very exciting images via his Instagram account this week. Take a look at what prompted the enthusiasm below:

And now we know this is more than just a tease. Sure, fans are ecstatic to see new drawings of Murdoc and Noodles, but there is no better news than confirmation from Hewlett himself that Gorillaz are indeed coming back:

We're keeping our fingers crossed that this return will produce a new full-length record, Gorillaz's first since 2011's 'The Fall.' Stay tuned for more details as they come out -- but in the meantime, enjoy the music video for 'Feel Good Inc.' from their 2005 sophomore effort, 'Demon Days,' below:

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