A little role-playing never hurt anything ... except for maybe the dating lives of Dungeons & Dragons gamers in the '80s.

According to a bio released by Totally Gross National Product, Jason Feathers is the alter ego of Creflo -- a "red-chested, god-bassed Southern rapper in a fancy white suit" -- who happens to actually be Minneapolis rapper Astronautalis.

But the name also covers the other guys in his band: a "heavily-seasoned guitar-crooning lost-cowboy" named Ephasis (Bon Iver's Justin Vernon), a "drummer-hype-piano-man" named Toothpick (Vernon's Bon Iver bandmate S.Carey) and "a nameless bassist" (GAYNGS producer Ryan Olson).

Here's the only press shot the band has released:

Cameron Wittig
Cameron Wittig

After teasing the debut album from the Gorillaz-esque fictional outfit just last week, 'De Oro' is now streaming at Pitchfork. The digital album will be available for purchase on Aug. 19 with CDs to follow in September and LPs later in the fall.

In case you missed it, here's the teaser:

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