Back in February, news broke that Jeff Tweedy would guest on an episode of 'Parks and Recreation' this season. Last night, the Wilco frontman fell into Pawnee with a hilarious cameo as a former band leader who's trying to be coaxed out of retirement.

In the above clip from the show, Tweedy plays the onetime leader of a semi-popular group called Land Ho! (we love that exclamation point) that Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Andy (Chris Pratt) try to talk into reforming for a concert to unify their town with nearby Eagleton. They were on the list of dream bands for the concert right after the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

It's a pretty funny turn by Tweedy, who greets the question of reuniting with a simple "No." His deadpan performance against two of the show's regulars is pretty solid.

He even sings at one point -- but it's not a Wilco song. Instead, he helps Andy -- who apparently moonlights as a children's singer -- with an original called 'Karate Chop Master.' Tweedy will return to 'Parks and Recreation' for the season finale on April 24, along with Yo La Tengo and the Decemberists.