Like we need another reason to watch 'Parks and Recreation.' TV's best comedy ensemble is getting a temporary addition later this season, when Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy guests on the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the shaggy singer-songwriter will play the leader of a band that was super-popular in Indiana some time ago. The group was called Land Ho! -- and that awesome exclamation point was all Tweedy's idea, the show's executive producer, Michael Schur, told EW.

"Leslie [Amy Poehler] and Andy [Chris Pratt] are trying to convince him to reunite for the big Unity Concert they are organizing to solidify the merger of Pawnee and Eagleton,” Schur said.

If none of this makes much sense to you, you still have a few weeks to catch up before Tweedy makes his appearance sometime this spring. And trust us, it's time well spent. 'Parks and Recreation' is one of the consistently funniest shows on TV these days. The fact that Tweedy's character doesn't want to get back with his old band -- apparently, there was an ugly breakup -- should add plenty of awkward moments to an already awkward situation.

Tweedy has been doing solo shows lately, as Wilco regroups from their last marathon tour. He was also recently nominated for a Grammy for his production work on Mavis Staples' 2013 album 'One True Vine.' Tweedy will be performing at Mountain Jam this summer. You can buy tickets here.