Somebody has to compose the catchy songs heard in TV shows and advertisements, and that somebody is usually Jingle Punks, the world’s premier commercial music publishing organization. This weekend, the company was featured on CBS This Morning: Saturday, and you can check out their appearance below.

The company began in 2008 when Jingle Punks president "Jingle" Jared Gutstadt met the company's co-founder, Dan Demole, at a Black Keys concert, when the two discussed the creation of a searchable database of commercial music to which artists could submit. From there, the company took off: Last year, it had a revenue of $18 million.

Gutstadt has also done some notable composition: His most famous work is the theme song for the History Channel show Pawn Stars, and he said that the song, which took him about 15 minutes to create, has earned the company "millions." Check out the fascinating segment below.