Mountain Goats founder John Darnielle wrote a book, and now he's hitting the road to support it. The book is a work of fiction titled 'Wolf in White Van.' The book tour will take Darnielle from New York, all the way to Los Angeles and then back east again.

The Mountain Goats singer did drop what some might find to be unfortunate news -- there will be no music played during this tour.

Darnielle posted this message on the Mountain Goats website:

For purposes of clarity be advised that I am leaving my guitar at home for this one and will play no songs on this tour, though I can't promise that Mr. Hodgman and I won't do an a capella chorus or two of 'Sing a Song About Love', or possibly 'We Bite'.

To stay informed of new developments and to see tour dates, check out the Mountain Goats website.

In the meantime, here's the video for the Mountain Goats song 'This Year':