The last we heard from Radiohead back in May, they were mixing their next album, at least according to an Instagram post from producer Nigel Godrich. But, in an interview published yesterday (June 16), guitarist Jonny Greenwood offered another update, including the title of a potential new song.

Although the interview focused on Greenwood's orchestral work away from Radiohead, he also spoke about work on the band's ninth album. The interview is in Dutch, so forgive our reliance on the broken English produced by Google Translate, but Greenwood confirmed that Radiohead are working on a song called "Lift," which has existed in some form since 1996:

It is rather a management favorite. What people don't realize is that on every album, there might be a song that existed for much longer. On 'In Rainbows' for example, there was the song "Nude," which existed for 20 years. The first version was not essentially different – you would recognize it, but we never found the right arrangement. "Lift" is another old song that has not yet found the right shape. But if an idea is good, it also remains good, in whatever form.

Greenwood was also asked about the time between albums for the band, and he responded:

Thom [Yorke] is always looking for new technology, like Phil [Selway], basically everyone. We have now been silent too long. We are now working periods on and off. This afternoon I will be working with Thom on a number that we started yesterday. We'll see where it leads.

Read the original Dutch interview here, and a Google-translated version here.

Radiohead – "Lift" (Live at Pinkpop in 1996)

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