According to a quasi-cryptic Instagram post by producer Nigel Godrich, he's either currently mixing a new album by Radiohead or Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Considering the longtime Radiohead collaborator has been in the studio with the band  much of this year (and the photo he posted features Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood), it's safe to assume Britain's brainiest band are putting the final touches on their upcoming follow-up to 2011's The King of Limbs. Check out the cheeky tweet below:

According to comments made by drummer Philip Selway back in February, the timeline seems to match up perfectly with Radiohead's plans. “We worked throughout the autumn up to just before Christmas, and now we’re just taking some time away for other projects,” he said. “We’ll get back to it in March and we’ll make an assessment of where we are then, but we’ve been excited about what we’ve been doing so far. It’s by no means finished yet, so we’ve got a way to go. It’s been a productive time though.”

But who knows when or how we'll get the album. Their last two efforts, 2007's In Rainbows and The King of Limbs were self-distributed and released online without advance notice. And when enigmatic frontman Thom Yorke dropped his second solo album, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, last September, he initially released it via BitTorrent.

Thom Yorke – "A Brain in a Bottle" (Official Music Video)

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