Keane have premiered 'Silenced by the Night,' the first single from their upcoming album 'Strangeland,' which drops May 8.

'Silenced by the Night' is another soaring, emotional rock song from the Britpop band, which has been one of England's most successful rock acts of the past decade. The group performed the tune on Monday on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' where they also played 'Somewhere Only We Know,' their biggest U.S. hit to date.

'Strangeland' will be the group's fourth full-length album and the follow-up to the 2010 EP 'Night Train.' Pianist Tim Rice-Oxley said of the record: "'Strangeland’ feels like an adventure that brings with it different things for different people, and like any adventure is full of uncertainty, and the potential for mishap, as well as the possibility of amazing things and glorious discoveries. I love the idea of the journey through ‘Strangeland’ being a journey of redemption.”

Keane have three shows planned this week in Austin at South by Southwest and will begin their tour to promote the new album in Russia on April 4. Check out their updated itinerary here.

Watch Keane Perform 'Silenced by the Night' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

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