Keane have premiered their new video for 'Silenced by the Night,' the first single off of the Brit's forthcoming 'Strangeland' album. The quartet actually aren't at the center of the clip, as the camera follows a young lovestruck couple traveling about deserted Texan highways.

The 'Silenced by the Night' video boasts dreamy and romantic shots of the two young lovers as they drive throughout wide open landscapes in their beat-up car. They are clearly the stars of the video, as we get to witness them going through a series of emotions, from tears of sadness to cries of joy to laughs and screams. Meanwhile, Keane rock out on their own in a stark, nearly pitch-black setting, as the camera cuts to gloomier shots of frontman Tom Chaplin singing on his own.

Overall, the 'Silenced by the Night' video captures the loving yet somewhat broken state of a relationship that the lyrics speak of. It might not be the most exciting or original video we've ever seen, but it certainly has some beautiful and compelling imagery. However, if you like the song as much as we do, head over to the iTunes store to pre-order Keane's 'Strangeland,' slated for release on May 7, 2012.

Watch the Keane 'Silenced by the Night' Video

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