Kendrick Lamar's status as a role model was recently cemented when he was given the "Generational Icon Award" by the California State Senate, and one fans claims that his positive example actually saved her life.

Lamar explained how he learned about a 16-year-old fan this past weekend at the Sweetlife Festival, who has only been identified as "Claire." She said that Lamar's music prevented her from committing suicide, according to Lamar:

I’m at the end of the show, and I see this young lady crying, and I’m thinking, 'She must be really going through something right now.' Then I start hearing her murmur with her lips, ‘You saved my life.’ So I’m like, Damn. This is serious. This is not for play, why she’s out here right now. Then she said, ’I was gonna kill myself last year.’ So I said, at that point, I gotta bring her up onstage and show her some love and let her know this is real.

At that point, Lamar brought Claire onstage and the two hugged it out. Claire later told MTV:

When I was 15, I was diagnosed with severe depression, and Kendrick got me through it, and I couldn’t have done it without him. I listened to his music over and over and there were nights where I thought I was going to end it all, and I didn’t, and I think that’s because his words impacted me in a way that no other artist has ever done. I can’t thank him enough. I can’t thank the people behind him enough for making him come to the earbuds that I listen to. I feel inseparable from his music.

MTV has the full story and photos of Lamar and Claire over at their site.