Sometimes a group of children can be tough to handle. Sometimes they're easy to get along with too. The same could be said of children's show hosts, apparently. That's what we take away from this video clip showing the host of a kids' science show fighting to keep his cool while filming an episode with a squirrel and a bird.

While everything seems cool in the beginning, the situation begins to degrade when the host places a bird on a small girl's shoulder. She is not happy about it, and the enthusiastic host realizes he doesn't have another place to put the bothersome bird.

As he's gearing up to pull a tiny squirrel from its cage, he begins yelling at the children about how bad a squirrel bite can be. Then he suggests they could find out how much damage a squirrel can do to a child's little hand.

"We could easily ... stop here, just stop filming and find out," he says. "But we're not that kind of people." He furthered warns, "Just 'cause you see me handling one, don't you dare go just grab a squirrel. He'll bite you so hard make you wanna slap yo' mama."

According to the person who posted the video, this is a public-access TV show from somewhere in Indiana. The beleaguered host, the poster writes, is a motivational speaker named Bruce Hamilton. One video commenter claimed to have been in this show's audience: "I was actually in the audience for one of these shows ages ago. He would start off each episode by running out and shoving terrified animals into the faces of terrified kids."