It's no secret that the Killers adore New Order -- Brandon Flowers even revealed plans for the band to record an EP of New Order covers a few years ago, though nothing seems to have come of that -- so it's not exactly shocking that the Killers invited NO's Bernard Sumner to join them onstage while performing in Manchester, England, this week. As NME reports, Sumner sat in for a run-through of 'Crystal,' a cut off New Order's 'Get Ready' album.

Before Sumner hit the stage during the Killers' encore, Flowers explained that his band's connection to NO runs deeper than most. "I don't know if you know this or not, but we took our name from a New Order video. It was from the song called 'Crystal,'" he said, referring to the name (the Killers) that appeared on the kick drum (pictured above) of the fictional band that appears in the 'Crystal' video. "We're going to play it for you tonight with the illustrious and praiseworthy Bernard Sumner."

And with that, Sumner took the stage to play guitar and sing with the Killers. Check out the epic, seven-minute-plus version below.

Watch the Killers Perform 'Crystal' With New Order's Bernard Sumner