Ronnie Vannucci Jr. swears it was an accident, but the Killers drummer may want to be a little more careful next time. Vannucci says that he mistakenly grabbed Michelle Obama's butt back in 2010, when the Killers visited the White House to perform for President Barrack Obama and the first lady as part of the nation's Fourth of July celebrations.

"She's a hugger!" the drummer tells NME. "And she's unexpectedly tall, so when we were all being introduced to them, she went in for the hug, and because she's so tall, she ended up with her arms over me like this. Which meant that, the way I had positioned myself, suddenly I found I was grabbing her ass."

The special gig, which was held on the South Lawn of the White House as part of the 'Salute to the Military' United Service Organizations Concert, was webcast live back in 2010, but we're pretty sure Vannucci's errant hug wasn't captured on tape. Which is probably a good thing -- the last thing he needs is video evidence of his indiscretion. Who knows, maybe Barrack would sic the Secret Service on him.

Luckily, no such strike has occurred yet, and as far as we know the Killers are free to release their new album, 'Battle Born,' later this month.


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